Intensive Academic & Global Young Leader

Our Hybrid Intensive Academic Programme and Global Young Leaders course is aimed at students wishing to sharpen their academic abilities, whilst also developing life skills such as confidence, leadership and the ability to communicate effectively both in speech and writing.

Students will develop and expand on existing knowledge of the core academic subjects Maths, English and Science as appropriate to their key stage, lessons are functional, interactive and designed for collaborative study, all lessons taught by subject specialists. The course is complemented by classes in Debating and Critical Thinking to aid the student’s self-development and confidence in the classroom and beyond.

The course is open to native English speakers and those with an upper intermediate level or above. Each day is taken up with four 90 minute sessions covering a range of subjects in the morning and Global Young Leaders programme in the afternoon sessions. Classes are taught in small groups of 12-15 pupils and teachers are subject specialist and have a good understanding of the UK boarding environment.

Global Young Leaders takes students with a range of debating experience and integrates them all within mixed classes which are structured in such a way as to encourage cooperation and mutual support across the student body. The international perspective of our students, a result of their diverse backgrounds, further emphasises the benefits of cooperative learning.

Debate is only one half of the course experience, with other lessons focusing on global themes such as politics, economics and law. The unique combination of critical thought with debate is key to the Global Young Leaders approach and succeeds in giving students something they want to say whilst empowering them to say it.


Key Features

  • 15 hours of academic classes per week (English, Maths, Science)
  • 15 hours of Debating and Critical Thinking classes per week
  • Varied social programme: disco, quiz, talent show
  • Two full-day excursions per week to London, Oxford and Cambridge
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