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Advanced Global Young Leaders

GYL Advanced is now in its 3rd year and builds on the success of our Global Young Leaders course. Students are invited back to build on their debating skills and knowledge from previous summers, but the course is also ideal for those who have prior debating experience from school or other courses.

Debating at University Level

Designed for students who have prior debating experience or who have completed the Global Young Leaders course, this course develops prior knowledge in the World Schools Debating format,
although it is suitable for students with experience of other formats. This format is prized by employers and universities for developing confidence, critical thought, and structured reasoning.
Students take part in debates and receive extensive feedback from experienced speakers, judges and coaches. Our students leave with improved confidence, and the ability to convincingly explain what they think, and why. Many of the world’s top universities and employers seek out candidates who are articulate and well informed, and our students develop the skills needed to impress in all disciplines, including STEM subjects.

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Known as an extremely prestigious combination of subjects taught at only the best universities, PPE empowers students to study the major ideologies and policies of the world in an open, undergraduate-level discussion. Covering a range of themes including International Relations, the history of political thought, applied ethics, and advanced economic principles, the PPE course works alongside the debating course to enable students to critically engage with the world around them. Even for those with interests in the STEM fields, the skills developed through the critical analysis of history’s most influential thinkers will help those with all ambitions. Our PPE lessons provide an excellent foundation for the Theory of Knowledge component of the International Baccalaureate qualification.

A core component of PPE classes is the independent research project. In week 2, students are given time to research an academic topic of their choosing and meet with a member of staff with academic interests in that discipline to discuss their ideas, before writing a short essay. This is perfect preparation for the Extended Essay component of the IB, and for academic writing at university.

University Preparation

The confidence instilled by competitive debating is invaluable throughout the university applications process. The course is run by teachers equipped to give extensive guidance on the university applications process, based on their own experience in elite UK universities. Modelled on university seminars, this course prepares students for a range of undergraduate academic disciplines. The skills of critical thought, understanding of current affairs, and confident presentation skills are beneficial to students of all disciplines.


Key Features

  • 15 hours of debating workshops and competitive debates per week
  • 15 hours of PPE seminars per week
  • Varied social programme: disco, quiz, talent show
  • Two full day excursions per week to London, including a tour of Parliament, Oxford and Cambridge
  • Guidance on applications to top UK global universities
  • Open to native speakers and those with an upper intermediate level of English or above, prior debating experience preferred

Our teachers were wonderful and informative with innovative teaching methods

Annesha Banerjee, Dubai

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