4 Important Reasons to Learn English

Over a quarter of the world’s population are confident speakers of the English language. This means that no matter where you are in the world, there is usually someone to converse with in English. If that’s not enough to convince you to learn the language, here are four important reasons that you consider if you’re… read more

How to Prepare for Learning a Language Abroad

Going to a summer school abroad to learn a new language is a fantastic experience. You’re completely immersed in the language and can practice both in and out of the classroom. You’ll get to see new places, have lots of fun and make life-long friends. Despite all the positives that are to come from the… read more

4 Top Tips for Studying Away From Home

Leaving the comforts of your own home to study in another country can feel like a big step, but there are a few things you can do to help make the experience easier. Here are some of our top tips to help you settle in and ensure you enjoy yourself: Remember You’re Not Alone Try… read more

Learning to Speak English on a Residential Course

Learning to Speak English on a Residential Course   An intensive, residential course is a brilliant way for children and young adults to learn English and most especially when that course is in England itself!   Rather like a crash-course, intensive English language courses work by fully immersing students in the language and what better… read more

Food in the UK

The UK isn’t renowned for its food. In fact, it’s a bit of an international joke that the cuisine isn’t the best. However, you might be surprised by how nice some of the traditional food in the UK is. Here are some of the best-loved UK meals and snacks, along with a description of what… read more

Preparing Your Child for a Trip Abroad Without You

Giving your child the opportunity to attend an English language camp abroad is a very valuable chance for them. Not only will they gain confidence and language skills, but they will also get the chance to see the sights of England and to make new friends. They will learn about the society, manners, history and… read more

How to Improve Your Language Listening Skills

Learning a new language doesn’t just involve the ability to speak, read and write; you also need to be able to listen and interpret what you’re hearing. Sometimes, it can be difficult to listen to something or someone even when you are already fluent in the language. It’s even harder to pay attention when you… read more

How to Become More Confident When Learning English

When learning another language, many people can feel apprehensive about putting that language into practice. However, if you ever want to be fluent, you will have to learn to overcome your shyness and try to become more confident. Of course, that is easier said than done, which is why we have put together some helpful… read more

How to Improve Your English after a Summer Course

English summer schools are a great way to learn the language – you’re completely immersed in the language when you are living and staying abroad, and you have plenty of opportunities to practice. Even when you are not in lessons, you use English to order food, ask for directions, or interact with your new friends…. read more

5 Fun Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a new language isn’t always easy; it comes with its own set of challenges and frustrations. However, if you ever want to be fluent you must stick at it, even when it feels too difficult. The trick is to find more exciting ways of learning. Here are some of our ideas: Go Abroad Visiting… read more

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