How is Easter Celebrated in the UK?

Easter an important time of year for Christians worldwide and in the UK it is celebrated by going to church, gifting chocolate eggs, decorating with Easter bunnies and scoffing hot cross buns! Unlike Christmas, which falls on the same day every year, the Easter holiday dates change annually. The date of Easter is calculated from… read more

Exam Revision Tips

When the time comes to test your knowledge and sit your exams, you may begin to feel stressed and anxious. This can have a detrimental effect on your exam results. Exam periods can be a challenging time and it is easy to wear yourself out in between the exams and late night revision sessions. To… read more

The Benefits of a Co-educational Summer School

Our World English provides a co-educational environment for students, which means its open for both girls and boys. This is very beneficial for both genders for many reasons. Indeed, there are benefits for both co-ed and single-sex learning environments, and the decision on which type of summer school is better should be determined on a case… read more

3 Benefits of Attending a Summer School

A summer school is an educational course, usually taken over the summer, between the schools terms. Courses last between one to five weeks, during which students receive intensive tuition in English or their chosen academic subject. Courses are also combined with many fun and creative extracurricular activities. There are many benefits that attending a summer… read more

3 English Listening Practices

English can be a complicated language to learn. It’s full of strange pronunciations and unusual spellings. One great way for English learners to improve their pronunciation and conversational skills is by using a few simple listening practices. Regular and consistent listening practice will see excellent results in the long term. If you want to improve… read more

Why Study English in the UK?

The best way to learn the English language is by immersing yourself in British culture, history, tourism and people. Your language skills will come on leaps and bounds if you are able to constantly hear it, read it and speak it! Hundreds of thousands of people travel to the UK every year to learn English… read more

10 English Idioms to Help You Learn the Language

Idioms are used regularly by English people, so if you’re learning the language and hoping to sound confident and natural, it’s worth understanding them. They can seem a little confusing at first, so be sure to learn what they actually mean before you try and use them in a sentence. Here’s a list of some… read more

The Benefits of Being Multilingual

There are lots obvious perks to understanding more than one language, particularly if you are planning to emigrate or go travelling. However, there are also many deeper, longer term advantages to being multilingual; it can improve your life in many ways. There has actually been a lot of research proving the positive effects of bi/multilingualism… read more

How to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in twenty different languages!

As December has quickly crept up on us and we are suddenly mid festive season we thought it would be the perfect time to learn how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ around the world. As there are over 7000 languages and dialects worldwide we will start with twenty just to get us started. Here you can… read more

Learn English While You Cook

Everyone shares a love of food, no matter what language they speak. For a fun way to practice learning English, why don’t you arrange to cook a meal with an English speaking friend? You can prepare your meal together, learn the names of the ingredients, along with common cooking phrases, and then sit down and… read more

Our Centres

Our centres are based in impressive schools, surrounded by beautiful countryside. They are located in London and the South East of England.

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Our range of courses embrace a combination of learning with leisure, so that each student has a memorable experience.

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If you have questions about any of our courses, please fill out our course enquiry form with your queries.

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Our centres are conveniently located so that both educational and personal trips are trouble-free. We also boast outstanding sports facilities.

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