Why Study English in the UK?

The best way to learn the English language is by immersing yourself in British culture, history, tourism and people. Your language skills will come on leaps and bounds if you are able to constantly hear it, read it and speak it! Hundreds of thousands of people travel to the UK every year to learn English… read more

10 English Idioms to Help You Learn the Language

Idioms are used regularly by English people, so if you’re learning the language and hoping to sound confident and natural, it’s worth understanding them. They can seem a little confusing at first, so be sure to learn what they actually mean before you try and use them in a sentence. Here’s a list of some… read more

The Benefits of Being Multilingual

There are lots obvious perks to understanding more than one language, particularly if you are planning to emigrate or go travelling. However, there are also many deeper, longer term advantages to being multilingual; it can improve your life in many ways. There has actually been a lot of research proving the positive effects of bi/multilingualism… read more

How to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in twenty different languages!

As December has quickly crept up on us and we are suddenly mid festive season we thought it would be the perfect time to learn how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ around the world. As there are over 7000 languages and dialects worldwide we will start with twenty just to get us started. Here you can… read more

Learn English While You Cook

Everyone shares a love of food, no matter what language they speak. For a fun way to practice learning English, why don’t you arrange to cook a meal with an English speaking friend? You can prepare your meal together, learn the names of the ingredients, along with common cooking phrases, and then sit down and… read more

10 fun facts about languages that you didn’t know until now!

Languages are extremely interesting to learn and to learn about. We have pulled together a selection of 10 fun facts about languages from around the world that you probably didn’t know.   Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with 1.2 billion speakers worldwide; 1 billion of these people speak mandarin specifically. There… read more

Learn English with “The Immersion Method”

“Immersion” is when something or someone is completely surrounded by something else. So, to learn the English language by immersion, you must surround yourself with the language all the time. This learning method has been scientifically proven to change the way your brain works, and helps you think like a native. This is because you… read more

How to Overcome Anxiety in Your Lessons

If you’re a student learning a new language, it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious in your lessons, especially in the early stages when it’s all still new to you. However, if you want to become fluent, you will need to learn to overcome your anxiety so that it doesn’t prevent you from progresses. Here’s some… read more

Shopping in England – What to Look out for

English High Streets are fascinating places, especially if you’re in an older town or city. Most towns in England have a High Street. This is a main or central street which has a high concentration of shops and cafes on it. Usually, on any average English High Street there will be a good selection of… read more

Understanding English Slang Words and Phrases

English is an odd language in many ways. Known for being quite old-fashioned and formal, it’s also a very old language and over time, certain words and phrases have become quite commonly used, even amongst those who are very well educated. It’s not just children and teenagers who use slang in England, though some words… read more

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