10 English Idioms to Help You Learn the Language

Idioms are used regularly by English people, so if you’re learning the language and hoping to sound confident and natural, it’s worth understanding them. They can seem a little confusing at first, so be sure to learn what they actually mean before you try and use them in a sentence. Here’s a list of some of the most popular idioms:


Idiom: “That’s the final straw”

Translation: My patience has run out/I’ve had enough


Idiom: “They’ll never see eye to eye”

Translation: They’ll never be friends/they’ll never agree


Idiom: “That ship has sailed”

Translation: It’s too late/the opportunity has passed


Idiom: “Cut her some slack”

Translation: Stop being so critical, she’s trying her best


Idiom: “No pain, no gain”

Translation: You have to work hard to experience the benefits


Idiom: “It got out of hand”

Translation: It was out of control


Idiom: “It’s not rocket science”

Translation: It’s not complicated


Idiom: “I’m under the weather”

Translation: I’m feeling unwell


Idiom: “To cut a long story short”

Translation: To tell the story as briefly as possible


Idiom: “Let me wrap my head around it”

Translation: Let me try to understand something complicated

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