The Benefits of Being Multilingual

There are lots obvious perks to understanding more than one language, particularly if you are planning to emigrate or go travelling. However, there are also many deeper, longer term advantages to being multilingual; it can improve your life in many ways. There has actually been a lot of research proving the positive effects of bi/multilingualism on both children and adults. Read on for some of the main benefits:

Being able to speak two or more languages will open up a variety of career opportunities for you, giving you more options when it’s time to start applying to jobs. What’s more, it will really make you stand out from other candidates. Lots of companies, particularly those with international offices, are considering multilingualism as a priority. As a result, you’ll find that employment will be easier to find and you can expect to earn a higher salary due to your unique skill.

In addition to the career aspect, being multilingual will also help you on a personal level. It will open you up to interacting and forming relationships with a variety of different people, who have different cultural backgrounds. You may also be able to explore unique hobbies, read foreign novels or watch foreign films. As you can see, learning an additional language can really open up a range of experiences that you couldn’t have otherwise had.

Amazingly, some studies suggest that the ability to speak more than one language can actually have positive effects on the brain. It can increase attention-span and allow you to multi-task a lot better than a monolingual person. Several other studies also show that multilingualism can improve stroke recovery and even reduce the risk. So, with health, social, career and personal benefits, why not join us in learning a new language? If you are interested in our school, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll happily answer any of your questions.

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