Learn English While You Cook

Everyone shares a love of food, no matter what language they speak.
For a fun way to practice learning English, why don’t you arrange to cook a meal with an English speaking friend? You can prepare your meal together, learn the names of the ingredients, along with common cooking phrases, and then sit down and enjoy your cooking efforts!

To help you get started, we have put together a list of some of the most common words used in the kitchen to help sharpen up your cooking vocabulary…

Cooking Actions
Bake: To cook something like bread, cookies or a cake in an oven.
Mix: To combine two or more ingredients using a stirring action.
Chop: To cut the food into pieces.
Slice: To cut the food into very thin pieces. For example you would slice bread and cheese.
Grate: Usually cheese is grated and you would use a grater to turn a large solid food into smaller finer pieces.
Peel: To remove the outer layer from food.
Boil: To heat up water until it reaches boiling point. You might do this to cook pasta for example.
Fry: To cook something using a cooking oil.
Simmer: To cook something slowly on a very low heat.
Roast: To cook meat or vegetables slowly in the oven.

Cooking Equipment
Apron – this is worn to protect your clothes while you are cooking.
Frying pan: A piece of equipment used to fry food in. Perfect for pancakes!
Sauce pan: This is used to heat up small quantities of food, such as sauce.
Mixing bowl: A bowl where you can combine different ingredients.
Pot: This is used to heat up larger quantities of food, such as a soup or vegetables.
Blender: An electrical machine that turns solids into liquids.
Chopping board: A piece of wood or plastic that protects your kitchen surface when chopping food.
Ladle: A large deep spoon used to serve sauces and soup.
Measuring cup: A cup used to measure the correct quantities of your ingredients.

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