10 fun facts about languages that you didn’t know until now!

Languages are extremely interesting to learn and to learn about. We have pulled together a selection of 10 fun facts about languages from around the world that you probably didn’t know.


  1. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with 1.2 billion speakers worldwide; 1 billion of these people speak mandarin specifically.
  2. There are over 200 fake languages that have been invented especially for films, books and tv series such as Star Trek and Lord of the Rings.
  3. There are over 7000 languages worldwide and over 300 are spoken in London alone.
  4. The bible is the most widely translated book in the world and is translated in 2454 different languages. This is closely followed by Pinocchio!
  5. Hawaiians have more than 200 different words for rain! In English it can range from a light drizzle to hammering it down but it comes nowhere near Hawaii’s record.
  6. The Pope tweets in 9 different languages; however his Spanish account has the most followers.
  7. With one language or dialect dying every two weeks there are now around 2400 languages around the world that are considered as being in danger of becoming extinct.
  8. There are 50,000 characters all together in the Chinese language however you only need to know 2000 of them to be able to read the newspaper.
  9. There are only 11-12 letters in the smallest alphabet called the Rotokas (Latin) and 74 letters in the largest alphabet called Khmer (Cambodian).
  10. Learning a second language can make you smarter. A number of scientists believe that learning a second language can improve your brains strength and agility by stimulating parts of your brain that you wouldn’t usually. Statistics also show that being bilingual can also delay dementia.

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