Understanding English Slang Words and Phrases

English is an odd language in many ways. Known for being quite old-fashioned and formal, it’s also a very old language and over time, certain words and phrases have become quite commonly used, even amongst those who are very well educated. It’s not just children and teenagers who use slang in England, though some words are far more socially acceptable than others.

If you’re visiting England for the first time, depending on the area which you visit, you may well come across some quite unusual ways of greeting people or of saying goodbye to people.

Here are some fun examples:

The examples above are usually used by younger people, but not always. Sometimes, older people will also use them and the way to respond remains the same.

Some other fun but confusing words which you might come across are as follows. There are also examples of how these words might be used in conversation.

If you’re not sure what someone means, it’s always best to ask! People don’t mind explaining what a word or even a whole sentence means…usually they’re interested in your journey to perfect your grasp of the language.

Sometimes, old expressions can create real confusion. Here are some examples of some of the more commonly used expressions which you might come across in England:

Again, have fun trying out some of these expressions and if you hear any new ones, ask about them; try to learn their origin and you’ll find that understanding them will help you to grasp some of the subtler habits of English speakers.

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