How to Choose a Summer School

Summer Schools can provide valuable experiences for your child. They can expect to learn new skills, develop new strengths and make new friends. It’s important to pick a school that is going to facilitate this and provide a great opportunity for your child. See below our top tips on picking a Summer School.


Look for a school that is close to areas of historic and cultural interest to inspire and educate your child. You may want to consider being close to international airports and one of the UK’s major cities.


Cheap doesn’t often equal good when it comes to summer schools and you may be disappointed with the results should you opt for the cheapest available. Ultimately  the fees need to remain within your budget but you should consider that paying a little extra will often return a significant increase in teaching, experiences and facilities.

What’s included in the price?

It’s important to understand what is covered in the cost of the fees and what are going to be extras. Does your school of choice cover the costs of transport from airports? Lunches? Days out? Accommodation? Schools that have lots of extras can entice you with the price of the course, but it may not work out as cheaply as you’d thought. At Our World English, included in the fees are:

Safety of your child:

The safety of your child is going to be paramount in your decision making process. All staff should be DBS checked and qualified under the British Council accreditation scheme. At Our World English, all of our staff meet those requirements as well as being trained in first aid. There is a high ratio of staff to students and they are closely supervised


What type of activities are on offer for your child when they aren’t in class? Attending a summer school should broaden horizons and provide experiences not possible at home. If your child attends Our World English, they will go on one trip per week to London and one further afield. A London excursion may include Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, The National Gallery to name but a few. A trip beyond London could be Leeds Castle, Brighton, Chessington World of Adventures or many others

Social Events:

Do you know what type of activities are available for your child when they aren’t in class? It isn’t much value for them to have to go back to their rooms each evening. Fortunately, at Our World English we have that covered. Our students can use the common rooms or computer facilities. They can relax in the extensive grounds and there are also special events such as Themed Disco, Quiz Nights and Talent Shows


What is the place like where your child is going to study? Are you able to preview the boarding facilities as well as the condition of the campus? Our centres are located in London and the South East of England at prestigious schools with outstanding facilities. Wycombe Abbey has a sports centre, swimming pool and a theatre. Dulwich College prides itself on providing the very best in modern classrooms and facilities whilst Caterham School facilities include tennis courts, football pitches and a sports hall amongst many others

International Experience:

Will your child get to experience a truly cultural involvement amongst likeminded students from other parts of the world? At Our World English, the answer is yes. The nationalities attending our courses typically include; Armenian, Austrian, British, Bulgarian, Canadian, Chinese, Cuban, Egyptian, Ghananian, Kazakh, Malaysian, Mexican, Nigerian, Saudi Arabian, Turkish, USA and many more.


How is your child going to be supervised? At Our World English we publish a set of Course Regulations the children must adhere to. They will be required to attend all meals, lessons and activities. There will be no alcohol, drug or cigarette consumption. Girls and Boys must not enter each other’s rooms and there will zero tolerance on bullying.

Our Centres

Our centres are based in impressive schools, surrounded by beautiful countryside. They are located in London and the South East of England.

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Our Courses

Our range of courses embrace a combination of learning with leisure, so that each student has a memorable experience.

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Course Enquiry

If you have questions about any of our courses, please fill out our course enquiry form with your queries.

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Our centres are conveniently located so that both educational and personal trips are trouble-free. We also boast outstanding sports facilities.

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