Five Fun Tricks for Learning English at Home

There are lots of fun ways to practise and improve your English speaking skills at home. The best method is to try and incorporate it into your everyday life. By combining learning with your personal hobbies and interests, the more natural it will become.  Here are five fun suggestions on how you could do this…


  1. Watch a movie

Watching TV or movies in English is a great way to learn the language. This is because it gives you a chance to observe conversations, tone of voice and facial expressions. Start by watching some movies you are already familiar with and see if you can follow along with the scenes in English without using subtitles. Pause and rewind to practice out scenes and repeat the script aloud.


  1. Listen to music

Sometimes, music can be the best teacher for a new language, especially if you’re already a music lover.  Rhythms and rhymes have been found to stimulate the brain, as well as improve your pronunciation and widen your vocabulary.
Many of us find it easier to remember songs rather than written text, making them a great tool for memorising new words and phrases.


  1. Stay social

Another fun way to test your language skills is to change your language settings to English on your favourite social media channels. Facebook, Twitter and even You Tube all offer this option, so now you can keep up to date on what your fiends are saying, while still improving your English.


  1. Play a game

Invite your friends over for a game of Scrabble, Pictionary or Taboo.  These interactive board games are another great way to practice and increase your English vocabulary, while doing something fun with your friends too!


  1. Label things

Labelling objects around your house is a quick and inexpensive way of learning the names of everyday items. Simply purchase a pack of sticky labels or Post-it Notes and then use a bold marker to write down the names. For example, window, light, mirror, etc. Reading the labels, whenever you look around your home, will help you to store the names of the objects in your memory.

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