4 Important Reasons to Learn English

Over a quarter of the world’s population are confident speakers of the English language. This means that no matter where you are in the world, there is usually someone to converse with in English. If that’s not enough to convince you to learn the language, here are four important reasons that you consider if you’re unsure whether or not it’s worth it:



Some of the biggest business corporations are based in English speaking countries. In fact, it has been the main language of trade for many centuries.

The popularity and continual growth of technology allows frequent cross border business, which means that success in a chosen field will likely require you to communicate with people outside of your own country. In these situations, it’s English that is the default language.



Most of the world’s big blockbuster movies are spoken in the English language, by English or American actors and actresses. Of course, there are subtitles available for those who do not speak the English fluently but watching a film is a lot more enjoyable if it’s in the original language by the original cast.

The same applies to theatre, where the world’s finest musicals and plays also tend to be produced in the English language. Of course, many countries produce world-class theatre but generally, the pieces which break the international market are English language pieces.


Learn Other Languages

The way in which English was developed as a language means it is integral to other languages, such as French and German. If you learn English and it will be even easier to branch out to other languages too.

Language is beautiful and learning to speak English can pave the way for learning to speak even more languages. Opening the door to a wonderful and cultural world as well as helping you to succeed in business.



Where would we be without Shakespeare? What about Milton, Hardy or Dickens? Classic pieces of literature are of course regularly translated into other languages, but there is no substitute for reading English literature in English.

It may not seem like it at first but English is a relatively simple language to learn. Especially when compared to other languages. English has a simple grammar style, no gender and no word agreement. Not only do these factors make it an easy language to learn but the relatively wide saturation of English literature, television and film means that most people have already had some exposure to it growing up.

For children it is an especially simple language to learn and most adults grasp it quickly too. The great feeling which comes as your knowledge of English increases is well worth the work necessary to get to grips with it.


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