Learning to Speak English on a Residential Course

Learning to Speak English on a Residential Course


An intensive, residential course is a brilliant way for children and young adults to learn English and most especially when that course is in England itself!


Rather like a crash-course, intensive English language courses work by fully immersing students in the language and what better place to do that than in England?


Days packed full of activities, lessons, fun games and socialising work to both relax and focus students who are often surprised by just how much their abilities grow over the period of the course.


Often, students say that it feels more like a fun time than a lesson…and that is the key to allowing students to access their full potential.


Teaching without boring; encouraging without patronising and above all, making sure students experience a wide range of opportunities to practice their language in real situations with native English speakers.


The Chance to Experience English Culture


Living and socialising within an English school and participating in excursions in and around the local towns, cities and villages offer students the chance to experience English culture in an immersive way which deepens their understanding and grasp of the language.


This can’t be taught and must be experienced first-hand. Socialising and chatting to native English speakers is vital if students are to learn to speak English to a high standard.


Many families choose to send their children abroad to England in order to ensure they have this chance and it’s an unforgettable experience for the students lucky enough to be sent.


What Else is Taught?


Some courses are offered which combine specialist subjects alongside the teaching of English.


Dance, drama, music, soccer, tennis and leadership are just some of the extras which are offered at specialist language schools.


These special, combined courses are a wonderful way to really involve students in their language lessons as they combine them with activities they feel passionate about.


The courses often include special trips to famous English theatres and sporting centres as an added bonus and something to really inspire young minds.


If your child is in need of specialist, intensive English language lessons, then showing them the magic of the English language in England itself is an amazing chance for them.


If your child has specialist interests such as drama or sports, it’s a good idea to look into these specialist courses so that their interest can be further piqued. This is an especially good idea for students who lack confidence with language learning but who thrive and excel whilst practicing their special-interest sport or activity.

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