Preparing Your Child for a Trip Abroad Without You

Giving your child the opportunity to attend an English language camp abroad is a very valuable chance for them.

Not only will they gain confidence and language skills, but they will also get the chance to see the sights of England and to make new friends.

They will learn about the society, manners, history and above all, language of England. They will get the chance to visit different towns and villages and to meet people from all walks of life.


When the initial excitement fades


Your child will probably be beside themselves with excitement when you first tell them that they’re heading off to improve their English skills in England! They will be happy at the prospect of the trip and excited to share their news with their friends.

The chance to travel and see other countries is wonderful and most children can grasp that…even the very young.

But as the departure date approaches, they may get some very natural misgivings. They might worry that their English skills are poor, or that they won’t make any friends for example.

These are very normal concerns and the best way to deal with them is briskly. Don’t engage in lots of ‘what if” conversations. These will only feed their anxiety.

Instead speak positively of the amazing opportunity that lies ahead and about how when they return, they will have new skills to use at home and school and new friends to stay in touch with.

Tell them how proud you are of them, that they are ready to undertake such a journey and that you have faith in their abilities.


Give them a survival kit


This can consist of some treats from home; a familiar kind of candy for instance, a cuddly toy and a new notebook and pen in which to write their experiences.

The presence of these familiar items will give your child comfort even if they don’t end up using them!


Let them know how lucky they are


Talk to them about other children who do not have this advantage and about how the chance to learn English among native speakers is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.


Reassure them


Let them know that all of the other children attending will be feeling nervous and doubtful. Tell them that the staff are well used to this and adept in helping children to settle in and have fun immediately.

Show them pictures of the places they will visit, the rooms they will sleep in and the staff they will meet. Talk to them about the journey and what it will entail, speak to them about the food and drinks which they will try in England.

One of the main causes of nerves, is the unknown, so the more they know and understand about what’s ahead, the more relaxed they will be.

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